We operate a community cafe in the every growing Walthamstow. We are a family run business that has decided to hire a manager to work along side us to give us a bit more time to explore other ventures. You will work alongside us to ensure that our cafe runs smoothly on a day to day basis and still keep the community vibe we have created with our staff and customers over the past 5 years.We are looking for a particular type of person that has a real passion for community and food.

We want someone that understands the importance of good product but is also great at dealing with people, staff and customers. We are a family; staff and customers and we want someone that will fit right in, keeping both professional but friendly. We want someone fair but firm when dealing with situations, someone with common sense and who is caring. We want someone that wants to work in an independent cafe and keep with the ethos with new inspiring ideas.

This role is for 4 days working in the shop and will be expected to deal with urgent matters when not at work (e.g. staff illness, sorting out staff cover, dealing with questions from staff)Any overtime days worked at the shop will be paid as extra hours (e.g if you are needed to cover a 5th day)

Our working hours are Mon-Fri 6.30-6, Sat 8-6, Sun 8.30-4.30pmThis role is primarily for a week day manager 6.30-6pm (46 hours) however there may be the occasion when weekend cover will be needed.

For this role you will be expected to excel at front of house, coffee making and be able to carry out kitchen duties. Kitchen duties include: Minimal baking, prepping, making salads, sandwiches and smoothies. we do not have a fully functioning kitchen and all food we do make is basic. Minimal cooking os required for prep. You will need to fill any role that is needed for that day and work as one of the team, alongside managing the space.Your role will to be to ensure that the running of the shop is smooth both behind the scenes and day to day.

You will hold meetings and reviews when you feel you need to and aid with ordering supplies. We have supervisors that will help you with your role but it will be your duty to ensure that the team is strong and works well together. We have a very chilled out artsy vibe and we want someone that gets that. You have to be laid back but focused at the same time. Know how to keep your cool but know when things need to be done and be good at delegating without being too busy.

We are looking for someone/ responsibilities:

-That has experienced managing an independent coffee shop for at least a year

-That has worked as a Barista for more than 2 years in an independent coffee shop

-That has worked in a kitchen prepping food (Basic knowledge)

-Has experience dealing with front of house and have great communication skills

-Be responsible for open and close down

-Be responsible for ordering and leasing with kitchen to ensure there is enough stock

-Have had health and safety with food training (Up to level 2)

-Must be able to work weekends when needed

-Be responsible for creating rotas and dealing with staff holidays

-Be able to manage recruitment and training when new staff are required

-Sending emails when needed to suppliers

-Ordering of stock (food/ packaging etc)

-Have great product knowledge

-Has had experience with events (Not necessary but preferred)

Please email your CV and your cover letter to