We are a family run, community coffee shop. We've lived in Walthamstow since day dot and thought that it would be great idea to do something in the place that we live. We love food, we love chit chat and we love people. Oh yeah and we love art and music and events :D So that's what we do. We are who we are and we love what we do. Spreading the love to the people in Stow since November 2014. 

Our Great Grandfather - Lived until he was 104; our mascot.






What we offer

1. Hot beverages - Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and all that jazz. 

2. Food -  Freshly made Sandwiches, Homemade Cakes (some naughty some not), Breakfast stuff like Granola, Toast etc and whatever else we feel like making on that day!

3. Stuff for sale -  Coffee Beans, Cards and art from local artists. 

4. Good vibes - Spinning those decks from the AM until the PM with a little aid from DJ Spotify. 

5. Art - A space for emerging designers and artists to go H.A.M. 

6. Conversation -  'A talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged'.

7. Respect -  Say No More

8. Community - A space for community interaction.

We have a disability ramp on request.